You’ve Been Served: The 411 on Subpoenas

The infamous “You’ve been served” everyone sees on the latest edition of their favorite legal TV show is common, but what actually is a subpoena and how does it affect your case?

A subpoena is usually issued during the discovery phase of a case.  For a quick overview of the discovery process, click here. If you have been served a subpoena, it is not reason to worry. For a quick reference, here is what you should know about a subpoena in your divorce or parentage case:

A subpoena is a court order that requires a person to appear at a certain date or time and give oral/written information.
A subpoena can be served to a third-party to appear. This can include your mom, a neighbor, or even your new husband. It can also ask for a custodian of documents to testify to the authenticity of documents provided in discovery. However, sometimes it can be served to a multitude of locations to obtain documents including banks, credit card companies, and even employers.
The subpoena will provide the place you need to appear. A subpoena that requires documents can often be fulfilled by simply delivering the requested documents to the other side.
The subpoena will also provide in detail the time and date that you need to appear. Please note that failure to comply with the subpoena could leave you in contempt of court. Therefore, it is important to appear in a timely manner.
A Family Law attorney will be able to best help you ensure that all specifications of a subpoena are met. As always, our family law group is ready to serve you. To schedule a consultation for our Cook County family law, Will County family law, or DuPage County family law service, call us today at 815-600-8950 or contact us online.


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