“Navigating the Winding Road: Family Law and Estate Planning in Illinois”

September 21st, 2020 by

We have some exciting news to share!

Our entire team collaborated to write a book titled “Navigating the Winding Road: Family Law and Estate Planning in Illinois” and it is now available on Amazon!

We understand that life is a winding road. Some years the road is paved with gold. Some days the road is slippery when wet. Often times we may have to yield. Other times we may encounter forks in the road or barricades to our success. The twists and turns on the road of life do not have to result in a dead-end. We hope this book empowers you with the knowledge you need to navigate the bumpy roads we all encounter from time to time.


Just two simple words make a world of difference when it comes to executing major life changes, overcoming obstacles, conquering challenges, or facing difficult decisions.

How does one become empowered? When you come face-to-face with barbed forks in the road of life, the answer is knowledge and knowledge is power.

Family law and estate planning involve not only legal but also emotional issues and each situation is unique and no two families look exactly alike. As much as we may try to plan or navigate our paths and future lives, it is inevitable that we will encounter a twist in the road, or even face a roadblock or two.

As you are Navigating the Winding Road: Family Law and Estate Planning in Illinois, the team at Sterk Family Law Group, P.C. in Orland Park, IL, has developed this book to serve as your co-pilot on your journey. This book is not a substitute for legal advice with a licensed Attorney, but will arm you with a basic understanding of legal issues within the State of Illinois.

While the book does NOT constitute legal advice and is NOT a substitute for a one-on-one consultation with a licensed attorney, it is certainly the quintessential handbook to empower YOURSELF with options! The book was written by Gwendolyn J. Sterk, along with Alyssa A. Blando, Amy M. Bravo, Amanda N. Engelman, Arianna A. Fleckenstein, Terrence M. Fogarty, Kelly L. Garver, Jennifer J. Hanik, Laura A. Kennard, Kelli M. Lardi, Nicole L. Morales, Jennifer S. Nolen, Ragan Pattison, Crystal S. Pavloski , Amy A. Schellekens, Frederick M. Smithhart, Jackie L. Sulich, Joan van Oss and Monika L. Wolniak.

We are here to assist you

We are aware that everyone has been affected by the recent response to COVID-19 but we hope that you find some comfort in knowing that we are still operational and here to assist you. If you are a victim of domestic violence, we can assist you with obtaining an Order of Protection.

Whether you are a current client or if you are looking for family law or estate planning assistance, our team is here for you and will continue to be available to address your concerns.

To the extent possible, we will offer remote consultations and provide services from a distance.

You may message us here, email our office at info@sterkfamilylaw.com, or call 815-600-8950 and one of our team members will be able to assist you.

This is a legal advertisement from Sterk Family Law Group. It does not constitute legal advice and should not be construed as such. This article is for informational and educational purposes only.



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