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The experienced legal team at Sterk Family Law Group does much more than simply provide legal services. We work to simplify the legal process as much as possible for you. We also help you find answers to questions that fall outside of the legal world.

Family Law Resources: A Comprehensive Approach

Recovery from divorce is often case specific with each client having different needs. We recognize that we are responsible for addressing your legal needs, but we also understand and know from experience that most cases require a variety of resources to assist a client in this time of crisis.

We empathize with the fact that family law matters, including divorce and the allocation of parental responsibilities, involve not only legal but emotional issues. Matters such as divorce are often prompted by triggers in the family such as domestic violence, loss of a loved one, hoarding, a special needs child, etc. We strive to ensure that every one of our clients has the support they need by way of outside resources and professionals. Our Resource Center can provide valuable contacts to assist in addressing these issues. These resources range from counselors to educational institutions to financial planners and the like.

Our Resource Center is located at our office and includes brochures, pamphlets, literature, DVD’s, books, and other data formats for our clients to utilize. Our clients have the opportunity to use our office to review these resources, to watch informational DVD’s relating to family law and otherwise work on their case. We also distribute copies of many of our materials for clients to use at their convenience. We have worked hard to develop our Resource Center and welcome any additional resources to assist our clients through their life change.

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