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At Sterk Family Law Group, we believe that each client is an integral part of our team. Together we strive toward preserving his or her best interests. A successful attorney-client relationship starts with good communication. Communication is the key to keeping our clients aware of each stage of their case and the related court process. We work diligently to provide our clients with efficient service and feel a strong ethical responsibility to inform and involve clients with every aspect of their litigation.

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Helping You Find Your Resolution.

Our number one priority is to be an effective advocate for our clients, while moving toward the goal of an equitable resolution. In some instances, that resolution is reconciliation. In other cases, the resolution is divorce or a related action requiring the parties to separately move forward with their lives. In our role as counsel, we encourage our clients to conduct themselves in a manner which maintains their integrity during a very difficult and emotional time. However, should that conviction falter, as it often does under extreme emotional distress, we’ll provide assistance beyond that of your legal counsel. Through our holistic approach to client care, we’ll provide the resources necessary to effectively help get you back on track.

Dedicated to Our Clients.

Our role as your counsel goes well beyond that of a legal advocate. Our Family Law Group recognizes that daily preservation will sometimes seem impossible, but we CAN and WILL help you get through it. We believe that a clear understanding of your options is an integral part of taking control of your future. We advocate for our client’s best interests with dedication and vigor. In our pursuit of the best possible result, we do, however, maintain a level of reality regarding the eventual outcome.

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Sterk Family Law Group is a firm of experienced family law attorneys in Orland Park, IL. Contact us to schedule your free family law or estate planning consultation today!