Will the Coronavirus Outbreak Trap Us or Bring Us Together?

Within a matter of weeks, a far East problem labeled COVID-19 became a worldwide problem. Now we are faced with a crisis that threatens the health and the morale of our nation. The CDC, government officials, and our medical experts are advising us to stay indoors in isolation to slow the spread of COVID-19 along with other preventative measures. Check out our recent post for tips on protecting your mental health during the Coronavirus outbreak

How Much Time Do We Actually Spend Together?

Most of us have taken heed to the repeated advice and will remain in our homes until the coast is clear. Our families and household members are trapped together. Is that a scary thought to be under one roof with the same people for days on end? Thinking about it, when have you and your household been in the same common areas for extended periods of time?

With calendars marked for cheer practice, soccer games, baseball tournaments, dog play dates, shopping schedules, and work commitments, how much time do you actually spend with the members of your household? Time together seems to occur in sparse glimpses of each other throughout the day. It’s no surprise one could feel trapped and on the verge of going stir crazy with the novelty of the entire household and different attitudes being quarantined together.

A Chance to Come Together

Perhaps this is a time to appreciate the closeness to families, rekindle bonds, and start new family time traditions. God has a way of showing us things from a different perspective in times of tragedy, difficulty, and panic. It is almost as if a reset button has been pressed in our world in order for us to all come together to resolve an issue that affects all genders, races, ethnicities, age, and economic classes. It is time to put petty grievances aside and learn how to interact with each other daily. After all, we were commanded to love our neighbor as ourselves. Our neighbors include all people as well as our family and household members.

In this time that we are trapped together, we encourage you to start new family traditions or engage in that one-on-one time that you have been putting off. Put down technology for a while and learn about each other. This is a chance to reset and make the most of this situation. We did not pick the hand we were dealt, but together, we can play one heck of a game.

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