Are Family Law Attorneys Beneficial?

3 Things Good Family Law Attorneys Should Do For You

More than any other type of legal practice, family law attorneys and their staff members occupy a unique position in their clients’ lives. While it’s serious to be involved in any legal action, family law cases have a particularly intimate and emotional nature. Family law attorneys help clients negotiate difficult situations and decisions, and ultimately move forward with reformed relationships.

At Sterk Family Law, we take to heart our responsibility for serving our clients with a caring, attentive and holistic approach. People in need deserve a family law attorney who recognizes the deeply personal nature of their case.

We believe the following are three things family law attorneys should provide to clients.

1. Responsive Service.

No one likes waiting for answers, but it can be especially painful when you’re working through a divorce, order of protection or adoption proceeding. Good family law attorneys must understand how important each case is to each client, and communicate frequently and clearly.

Whenever reasonable, the best family law attorneys respond to phone calls and emails within 48 business hours. They can provide either an immediate answer or an estimate of when they can reply more thoroughly. Sometimes clients have needs outside normal business hours, and caring family law attorneys may even provide off-hours communications when necessary and critical.

Clients should be able to rely on their family law attorney for relatively expedient feedback and support, even if their case takes months to resolve. Your case will become tiresome to you, but your family law attorney should approach it with the same vigor from beginning to end.

2. Respect Your Choices, But Safeguard Your Interests.

Family law attorneys help clients negotiate personal details of their private lives, during what for most people is an emotionally turbulent time. The choices clients make now — about money, property, children and even words they can’t take back — will affect them for years to come. The best family law attorneys understand the danger of decisions made in haste or out of spite. Your family law case is a place to mitigate damages and draft a plan for the future; it’s not the venue for punishing oneself or someone else with destructive decisions.

A good family law attorney acts as your true advocate by listening to your pains and concerns, and balancing these needs against what’s reasonable and in your best interest. In short, part of a family law attorney’s job is saving clients from their own worst instincts at a time when they may be suffering or in emotional turmoil.

3. Consider All Your Needs.

Whether they’re facing a divorce, child related matters or elder care situation, clients should expect their family law attorney to approach their case as a unique and complex situation. Rather than seeing the problem or the individual in a vacuum, skilled family law attorneys understand that many factors affect a person’s life situation, and they provide service that takes this into account.

A family law attorney may consult with a client who is getting divorced and encourage him or her to seek assistance from a financial planner to help cope with debt and complex money situations. Caring family law attorneys also help people who are involved in abusive relationships, providing them referrals for domestic violence counseling and assistance.

The best family law attorneys become their clients’ trusted advisors. Gwendolyn J. Sterk and the staff at Sterk Family Law provide clients with the expertise, attention and care they need to work through a difficult time. Contact us for more information about how we can assist in your case.

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This is a legal advertisement from Sterk Family Law Group. It does not constitute legal advice and should not be construed as such. This article is for informational and educational purposes only.

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