Vacations: Escaping From Reality

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Planes, Trains, and Automobiles.”  The National Lampoon series “Vacation,” “European Vacation,” and “Vegas Vacation.”  These are some of the movies that have best described many of my vacations over the years.  My memories from vacations from the past make me laugh, giggle, smile, and wonder how I survived some of them.  “Caution to the wind” was usually the theme of vacation time for me.  The best vacations are the ones you don’t have to plan too much and just lose yourself in laughter, happiness, and exhaustion.  Vacations are a time to let your hair down and just be free from your otherwise normal daily stress.

This year is different.  Vacationers may still leave their daily stress behind, but there is always a lingering shadow lurking behind them.  It’s called COVID-19.   As many people and families head somewhere to try to escape the overwhelming uncertainty of our health state and to enjoy life, caution prevails.  Whether you are vacationing by a plane, train, or automobile, there are precautions that are still at play.  Masks, hand sanitizer, and social distancing are among the few precautions that should be taken when leaving your state or even traveling to another part of your state. 

Following health and safety guidelines should be a traveler’s first priority when planning a trip, now more than ever.  It is a good idea to research the COVID-19 pandemic cases for each stop on your trip, whether you are flying, traveling by train, or embarking on a road trip.  Items for health-protective measures should be included on your packing list.  Don’t forget to bring protective masks, hand sanitizer, extra hand soap, and if you’re not flying, perhaps a can of Lysol.  And don’t forget healthy snacks for your road trips and train excursions!

Social distancing is another protective measure to continue to practice during travel.  Continue to practice social distancing while visiting local museums, restaurants, National Parks, and wherever your itinerary takes you. If possible, schedule an early morning flight or a redeye flight to avoid large crowds at the airport and full seating on the plane.

If you are traveling by train, continue to follow all health and safety protocols.  If the lavatory facilities are used by others outside your group, a good suggestion is to wipe down the room with antibacterial and antivirus wipes before and after use.  Bring along your own hand soap and paper towels if it helps you cope with germs and viruses.  

Road trip!  

Sometimes the best vacations are riding in the car to your vacation destination, stopping at various diners, attractions, and viewing our country’s beautiful land.  Blasting the radio and singing to favorite songs, playing license plate games with your kids can be a great time to engage in quality time.  While your hair may be blowing in the wind, please remember to continue to use safeguards.  Follow all guidelines during your trip to ensure a happy and healthy vacation.

As you are taking precautions in your travels, some areas are requiring people who have traveled to certain states to do a quarantine upon their return.  As some states are considered “hot spots,” check your local regulations to see if your destinations will require you and your family to quarantine. Some employers have implemented their own policies about employees physically returning to work after certain travel, so it is important to communicate with your employer about returning as well. 

Vacations can be properly planned and executed by keeping in mind the health and safety standards we live by every day at home.  Wear your mask, wash our hands often, practice social distancing, and use hand sanitizer when necessary.  Vacations have always been fun, memorable, and adventure.  Let’s continue this trend and enjoy our trips, our families, and our friends with the utmost protection and safety.  Although this year probably feels like the “Big Ben, Parliament” segment of “European Vacation,” make the right turn and get off this crazy road, take a trip, and have a great time!

Written by Laura A. Kennard

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This is a legal advertisement from Sterk Family Law Group. It does not constitute legal advice and should not be construed as such. This article is for informational and educational purposes only.


This is a legal advertisement from Sterk Family Law Group. It does not constitute legal advice and should not be construed as such. This article is for informational and educational purposes only.

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