The Truth About Social Media and Your Divorce

Not many think in –depth about what their recent Facebook “check-in” or harmless Instagram upload of their new shoes could implicate in their everyday life. However, with social networking trends on the rise, it is important to keep in mind the many implications these updates may have on your divorce. This information posted may be used against you later on down the line during the process of your divorce, and in most cases than others nine times out of ten it usually is.

Social media has become a second nature in today’s society. We want our friends to know our kid just hit his first home run at his baseball game last week, or the awesome steal you got on the latest pair of shoes you bought over the weekend. Forget texting and a phone call, social media has become the most popular way of communication in this era. We use social networking for just about everything going on in our lives, triumphs, laughter, hardships, special announcements and even career achievements. However, our natural instinct can create inconsistencies in final disputes and custody battles when dealing with each individual case at hand. Even though you have taken all the precautions to block delete and report your ex it can be common that you both still share a number of mutual friends. Unfortunately, these “friends” may assist your ex by taking the liberty of taking screen shots of your latest post with the new man friend you have been dating or even the latest rant about how your children have been driving you up the wall! Seems harmless I’m sure, but presented in your case against you will be a big wake-up call in court.

With a rise in social networking trends as a means of communication, judges may allow some correspondence to be used as evidence in court. However just as easily as this can work in your favor it can also work against you. If your online communications convey something different than items presented as legal documents in court, it can cause w whirlwind of problems for your case. It may be better to share important information through in-person communication to avoid misinterpretations in the future.

Should a separation or divorce situation arise in your life it is best to consult with an attorney before your situation gets out of hand. Our family law group is ready to serve you. To schedule a consultation for our Cook, Du Page, or Will County family law service call us today at 815.600.8950 or contact us online her on our website using our contact form.


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