Split Decisions

This past year, COVID-19 typically had negative effects on people’s way of life and their working environments. The change in pace, for some, was an extreme shock. The fear of contracting the virus or transmitting the virus to a loved one was always present. But as bad as this virus has been, for those who have been hoping for a vaccine, there seems to be light at the end of the tunnel. As COVID-19 vaccines have started to be released in the United States, many people have a lot of questions and may feel split on their decisions. 

According to the CDC website, there are 8 things that people should be aware of with respect to the Covid-19 vaccine and future planning:

  1. The safety of COVID-19 vaccines is a top priority.
  2. There are a number of vaccines being developed, not all will be ready at the same time for usage.
  3. In the beginning, the Covid-19 vaccines may be overseen and used under an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA).
  4. Due to the vaccine being new, supplies may be limited.
  5. Due to a limited vaccine supply, certain groups may be recommended to receive it first.
  6. The vaccine may not be ready for children to receive. 
  7. The cost will not be an obstacle. 
  8. As more information comes to light, plans update.

With some of the eight points mentioned, fears inevitably start to form. For example, people might become more fearful of getting the virus if there is not enough of the vaccine to go around, or because this vaccine is so new, some may be questioning if it will even help.

Other fears may come from parents who are seeking some sort of relief and normalcy. Parents may be depending on this vaccine to give to their children so they can go back to some sort of familiar routine. The fact that the vaccine is not ready for children may put them back to a hopeless feeling. There are parents who may have different opinions on the vaccine and there may be some tension regarding having one administered to a child. If your parenting is guided by an Allocation Judgment following a divorce or parentage case, you need to ensure that you fully comply with the terms of your Court Order with regard to the vaccination.  If you are not able to make a decision consistent with your agreement, you may want to trigger the mediation provision in your agreement or contact an attorney to determine your next steps. These are difficult times and there may be genuine differences of opinion so knowing these options exist is key. 

Then there are fears of taking a vaccine at all, whether it be for personal or religious beliefs and the rumors that some organizations may mandate proof of vaccination which may cause some to feel violated.  Oh, let’s not forget the release of the vaccine is another perfect opportunity for the spammers to come out too. There are always some fears when facing something new, but there are positive facts to look at and focus on. According to the CDC, vaccinations should help with preventing people from getting sick from the COVID-19 virus. With the vaccine,  there may be a lower chance of becoming infected and more importantly, it could possibly prevent someone from getting seriously ill. The vaccination may help a person build an immunity against the virus-like other vaccinations strive to do by creating an antibody response without having to experience sickness” (CDC, 11-24-2020). This may help stop the spread of the virus and end the pandemic. It is just going to take some time.

There are always pros and cons with anything new but many hope that it will help end this pandemic. Regardless of the vaccine, it is still important to remember to be precautious by wearing masks, practice social distancing, and using caution and good judgment when interacting with others. 

Written by Monika L. Wolniak

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