Repairing Credit Prior to Purchasing

Repairing Credit Prior to Purchasing

Credit repair is no small feat, but remember – it’s possible, although it could take some time. It’s also good to remember that credit scores reflect credit-worthiness; you are being evaluated numerically based on your history of repaying the credit that has been extended to you.

If you are in the market to purchase a home and would like to fix up your credit score beforehand, here are a few things you can do:

  • Pay down your credit cards. Carrying a balance on your credit cards that is close to the limit can negatively affect your credit score. You don’t have to pay off card balances completely to make a difference in your scores;  try to pay the balance down to 30% or less of the limit. This demonstrates that you can use credit responsibly, thus raising your score.
  • Continue to make all payments in full, on time. Falling behind on paymentsbefore applying for a new line of a credit (a mortgage is one of the most important lines of credit there is) is not a good way to tell lenders you will be a responsible homeowner. A lender must evaluate the risk of extending credit to you before they do so. They would rather extend credit to people who have a history of making full, on-time payments.
  • Think ahead when searching for a lender. Although this tip might not seem beneficial at first glance because it does not necessarily raise your score, it will help you avoid being penalized while searching for a lender. Often, people looking to buy a home will allow multiple lenders to pull their credit for a pre- approval. They haven’t decided which lender they will use, but inquiries from each lender are negatively impacting their scores. The more inquiries made in a short period, the worse the effect on your scores. While you are shopping for a lender, consider specifying that you are not ready to begin the pre-approval process until you’ve decided which lender you will use.

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