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Establishing an Estate Plan is something many people tend to postpone, however, in the event of an emergency or death, an estate plan may be one of the most helpful tools that your loved ones can have.

During an Estate Planning consultation, you may review an established estate plan or discuss creating one.  There are various components which play a part of an estate plan including: wills, trusts, Power of Attorney, and guardianships.  In addition to the consultation forms, it will be helpful to come to the consultation with a general accounting of your assets, your desired beneficiaries, guardian or Power of Attorney, as well as an idea of how you would like your estate to be managed in the event of an emergency or death.

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In order to ensure that the free consultation is comprehensive, we have developed Pre-Consultation Forms to assist potential clients in focusing on key areas for consideration and discussion during their consultation. Careful review and preparation of these forms will be helpful to most effectively utilize the scheduled time for your consultation. If possible, please download, review, and complete the forms, prior to meeting with our team for your initial consultation.