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Duke Sterk

 Duke Sterk is a Goldendoodle who joined Sterk Family Law Group in 2016 and was trained as a therapy dog for our clients and our team.  He brings joy every day to everyone he greets.  He is responsible to provide support, diversion, cuteness, and fun.  Duke is a welcome addition to our office and our clients love him.  He regularly attends our firm’s events and loves anyone willing to pet him.

As a canine assisted therapy dog, Duke is quick to lend a helping paw during a consultation or meeting. Duke has a special place in his heart for children and seniors and as an author, Duke collaborates with K.P. Lynne writing and telling stories for kids of all ages. Duke has a Facebook page where you can like and follow his story at Duke Sterk.  He also is on Instagram at Duke_Sterk.

Fun Facts About Duke

  • I received by therapy dog license in 2018.
  • I don’t fetch well. If you throw a toy at me, I like to think of it as a gift!
  • I like to get on my back with my favorite toys to play while holding it with my paws
  • I love to be chased outside and I will run big circles around you and you have to jump to face me because I sneaks around the back of you to hide. You’ll know I’m tired when I ask for a belly rub.
  • I will politely take your treat even if I don’t like it but I will hide it to be respectful.
  • I love meeting new people!
  • I love the beach because of the sand but my attraction to the water stops at the shore. I only like to watch the waves but don’t like to get my naturally curly hair wet.
  • When I recognize a favorite place like the lake or doggy daycare, I have a tendency to get almost uncontrollably excited!
goldendoodle duke sterk

Duke Sterk Events

Duke loves being active in the community! From visiting hospitals, senior living facilities, going to expos and events, he loves to take his canine assisted therapy skills on the road! 

Interested in having Duke Sterk at your next event? Shoot him a message here!

Duke Sterk™ Book Signing Event! Meet the #1 Best-Selling Children's Book "Pawthor"

Please join us for a special book signing by #1 Best-Selling Children’s Book “pawthor” and therapy dog, Duke Sterk™ on October 16th! 
 For more information CLICK HERE!

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