5 Tips to Being Successful in the Courtroom

How To Be Successful in the Courtroom

Outside of a traffic ticket, this may be your first real trip to court. Your first visit may be very nerve wracking. Preparation and a check on your behavior is key. The following tips will help you prepare.

Courtroom Behavior

Whether or not you are on the stand, it is imperative to know that your behavior in the courthouse is important. The other attorney may be observing your responses and behavior around the opposing party, any strengths or weaknesses you demonstrate and your general demeanor or attitude. Actions may be taken to get a rise out of you to determine the level of animosity. The best way to handle the matter is a business like attitude during the entire process. You may not be required to appear each time your case is set for hearing. However, when you do, understand the process.

Dress to Impress

Don’t take this one lightly! While a formal suit is not necessarily required in the courtroom, dressing to impress shows the judge you are taking the matter seriously.

Tell the Truth, the Whole Truth, and Nothing but the Truth

Being honest with the judge will ensure your success in court. It is easy to slip and tell a little white lie because you think it might help your case. However, it may end up hurting your case later down the road. Just be honest from the beginning to avoid any trouble.

Courtroom Language: Only Swear the Oath

And nothing else. Avoid using language that might be considered offensive. Swearing or using any other derogatory terms in court is disrespectful. Although tensions may be high, don’t let those bad words slip!

Keep Your Cool

It is not realistic to think you’re going to win on every single issue. If a judge doesn’t seem to want to rule in your favor, remain calm. Showing anger will only result in a poor reflection on you.

Trust Your Attorney

Always. Your attorney has your best interests at heart, I promise.

A Family Law attorney will be able to best help you ensure that all specifications of service of process are met. As always, our family law group is ready to serve you. To schedule a consultation for our Cook County family law, Will County family law, or DuPage County family law service, call us today at 815-600-8950 or contact us online.


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