1. Develop a new Estate Plan and Will. Make sure your Powers of Attorney are updated and complete.
  2. Meet with a Financial Advisor / Planner to develop a strategy.
  3. Review your divorce decree, child support order or and other legal document that could affect you.
  4. Understand your employment benefits including stock options, grants and other perks.
  5. Understand your retirement benefits and how to maximize them.
  6. Do an insurance checkup-life, health, long-term, umbrellas, home, automobiles, etc.
  7. Verify your beneficiaries-insurance and retirement.
  8. Create and live on a budget.
  9. Start or continue to save.
  10. Carve out money for fun and charity; don’t be so rigid that life will pass by.
  11. Create a 5-year plan. Research alternatives and opportunities.
  12. Plan for retirement.
  13. Get a handle on college costs. Anticipate and plan for each child.
  14. Set goals, time limits, life events and expectations.
  15. Consult an attorney if you contemplate a life change.


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