First Steps For Divorce: Advice From Legal Professionals

1. Know Your Divorce Rights

If you’re even considering divorce, spend the money for one consult with a reputable, good attorney (preferably, recommended by a friend who went through it) and find out what the divorce laws in your state are. Go armed with information and questions for the attorney. What is your current financial situation? Who earns how much?  What properties are in joint tenancy? Most courts use a formula to decide how the assets, support and alimony are derived. Ask your lawyer to explain the formula to you, and what you’ll need if there’s a fight for custody. You’ll make better decisions if you know the consequences beforehand.

2. Surround Yourself With Friends

This is not the time to be looking for a rebound relationship; and you probably aren’t ready to consider that anyway. So, spend a lot of time with your friends and/or family. You need to be around supportive people who have your best interests at heart. You’ll need shoulders to cry on, hopeful information about the future, guidelines from people who’ve gone through it, and even child care and possibly financial help. Communicate with others and research different sources, such as this site, when you need information or support.

3. Get a Certified Divorce Coach

Ask your friends to recommend a Divorce Coach who can help you through the ups and downs of the year to come. Whether you want this divorce or not, you’ll be on an emotional roller coaster. You’ll need someone who has been there and can help you set goals and follow a strategic route. A Divorce Coach can help you to work with your lawyer more efficiently and make you a better client and therefore help you to have a better outcome.  You can check your decision-making, understand what steps to take next, and lower your stress while working with a Divorce Coach.

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