Combating the Winter Blues

Winter-Scene-Wallpapers-300x225Snow storm after snow storm, sub-zero temperatures, endless shoveling and long commutes have many of us singing the blues this winter. We can all agree that Winter has not been nice to us this season, but it’s important to find ways to combat the urge to hibernate.

In any normal circumstance, cabin fever can get the best of us. Add a stressful life event like Divorce, and you may find yourself feeling downright sad. It’s an opportune time to say, “This too shall pass”! Let’s collectively fight off cabin fever by keeping these tips in mind:

1. Think Spring! It may not seem like it, but it is on it’s way. Similar to a stressful time in your life, a new day-a new beginning will arrive.

2. Stay active. Find your way to even the most simplest of exercise. It’s not just good for the body, but it’s a natural stress reliever too. Clear your mind by going to the local gym or participating in an exercise class.

3. Identify with your inner social butterfly. Host a dinner party, or plan a neat play date for your kids. It doesn’t need to be expensive. Meet a friend for coffee, or organize a neighborhood gathering. Social interaction will boost the spirit!

4. Get crafty. Why not pick up a hobby? Find something that you like to do, and try it! Use the internet to teach yourself or attend a community class to learn how to do something new and fun.

5. Carve out time for yourself. Cabin fever can not only be rough on you, but on your children as well. Pent-up kids can make any parent crazy! Find a moment to treat yourself to peace. Read a book or indulge in your favorite TV show, even if it’s for a half-hour a day.

6. Start your spring cleaning. Use this time to get organized. Clean out a closet or assemble items to donate to charity. You’ll be amazed at how accomplished you feel when you restore order in your home.

7. Keep your commitments. It may be tempting to cross things off the calendar and stay inside. Do yourself a favor and go. Go to your kids’ sporting events, keep your lunch engagement and be happy you didn’t let winter get the best of you.

8. Enjoy the little things in life. Listen to your favorite songs while preparing dinner, play a board game with your kids, or cuddle your dog for an everyday reminder of the good things in life.

9. Get help. If you are really feeling down and suspect that it might be more than the winter blues, please get help. Talk to your doctor, find a therapist or join a support group to help get back on track.

10. Practice gratitude! In any season, remember to always be thankful for all of life’s blessings. icon_smile


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