Beginning a new school year gives a fresh start to improve our behavior during a divorce. Your children deserve the right to be free of pressures from the divorce, especially at school. While you cannot control the other parent, you can control your own behavior. Consider the following rules to govern your own actions:

  1. Recognize that both parents have the ability to access your children’s school including records, activities, parent-teacher meetings, etc;
  2. Be consistent in parenting styles for the sake of your children. Maintain a healthy and balanced bedtime, daily routine, and the like;
  3. Help your children with their homework. Don’t rely on the other parent – get it done;
  4. Coordinate and cooperate with the other parent to limit conflict for your kids;
  5. Be a cheerleader for your child at all cost. That is your job as a parent;
  6. Get involved in extracurricular activities, and behave so it is not awkward for your children;
  7. Involve and make time for all grandparents of your children;
  8. Tell your children that both parents love them daily;
  9. Don’t ask your children about the other parent – Let them be children;
  10.  Keep your children out of adult matters. If they ask something personal, tell them it is an adult matter.

Remember, this is your divorce, not your children’s divorce. Control your conduct. Your children deserve it!


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