A New Season-A New You

After an extremely long winter, spring has finally returned.  We’ve spent several months fighting the urge to hibernate and longing for a cure for cabin fever.  The time has come to break through the winter cold and let your spring sun shine.  The fresh air can boost your energy and help you prepare for positive seasons ahead.  Set goals and cleanse your mind because it’s the official start of spring cleaning season.  Spring cleaning can have many advantages beyond deep cleaning and de-cluttering your home.  Here are some creative ways to incorporate spring cleaning into your life;

  1. Clean your mind:  During this long winter you may have had a lot of opportunity to think.  Take care of those thoughts by taking action on things that may be weighing on your mind.  Break it down into small pieces and tackle one task at a time.  If it’s a simple mind cleansing that you need, try something new, find a support group, gain a hobby and relax your soul.  Refreshing your mind and starting new may be a great way to ease into the new season.  Remember, if you are going through tough times or dealing with burdens, there’s always a brighter day to come.
  2. Clean out your living space:  Out with the old, in with the new!  Take inventory, organize, donate or toss items that clutter your home.  De-cluttering your living space allows you to breathe and enjoy your home surroundings.  It’s always difficult to determine which articles of clothing to keep or discard.  Try the following tip to determine what stays and what goes; face all of your hangers in the opposing direction in your closet.  If the hanger is not turned around by summer, donate the clothing.  Chances are you are never going to wear it again!  Someone else will be grateful for your donations.
  3. Clean your body:  Is the sun up earlier than you these days?  Set your alarm a little bit earlier, and take a walk in the morning.  Jog in your local park, walk to get the newspaper, or go for a bike ride.  Add more movement to your day, now that the winter weather doesn’t hold us all captive.  Take care of yourself, and appreciate your body.  It’s the only one you have!
  4. Clean your financials:  When was the last time you reviewed your financial accounts…in depth?  Are you guilty of swiping your debit card to purchase your morning coffee?  Take a good look at the times you casually swipe your debit or credit card.  Perhaps it’s time to set up a budget and start saving a little more each week.  Clean up your bank and credit card accounts and consolidate or close unneeded accounts.  Financials can be a big burden.  It’s time to take control and watch your funds accumulate rather than fly away.
  5. Clean the environment:  Go through all the piles of paperwork that have been collecting dust for years!  Recycle old paperwork that you no longer need.  Keep your important financials by filing or scanning to a disk.  Elect the opportunity to receive paperless billing statements so you don’t accumulate more clutter.  Collect all the documents you are ready to toss, and find a local shredding event.  Many banks hold shredding events where anyone can bring their unwanted documents to be properly shredded and recycled.  Additionally, recycling events often support the proper disposal of electronics by as well.
  6. Clean up your networks:  Are there people in your life who are bringing you down?  Have you tried to walk away from people in your life who poison your environment?  Surround yourself with good energy, and don’t be afraid to rid yourself of people who are not good for you.  Support networks are a great way to enjoy the company of others, share common experiences and offer insight to someone just like you!

Don’t let the concept of spring cleaning overwhelm you.  Make realistic goals for yourself, but take the small steps necessary to organize your life and take charge.  Enjoy the promise of spring.  It’s the beginning to a happier, healthier year.  Ridding life’s inevitable clutter is a great way to get organized for the remainder of the year ahead.  Most importantly, get others involved, and don’t be afraid to ask for help.  Get your family moving, and enjoy the time you have together.  Surround yourself with the good and simple this season and reap the benefits throughout the year.


This is a legal advertisement from Sterk Family Law Group. It does not constitute legal advice and should not be construed as such. This article is for informational and educational purposes only.

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