Visit to the site of the future Will County Courthouse

I-80 Corridor Conundrum

Domestic Violence & Orders of Protection

The Impact of Divorce on Life Insurance

Parity in Mental Health Benefits

Stricter Reporting and Responsibilities for Child Abuse

The Importance of Voting

What To Do About Bullying

Enforcing Illinois Court Orders

The Process of Contested Parenting Matters

When is Domestic Violence Present in Illinois

What is Considered Spousal Abuse in Illinois

Defining a No Contact Order in Illinois Law

What To Do About Bullying

Your Voice Counts

2015 Maintenance Law

Roles of the Court

New Rape Kit Tracking Legislation

Beagle Bill

Are You a Trustee?

2017 Child Support

Building Hope for the Future

Enforcing the Court Order

Elimination of Custody

Back To School

Grow Up!!!

The Divorce Process

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