Duke Sterk

Duke Sterk is a Goldendoodle who joined Sterk Family Law Group in 2016 and was trained as a therapy dog for our clients and our team.  He brings joy every day to everyone he greets.  He is responsible to provide support, diversion, cuteness, and fun.  Duke is a welcome addition to our office and our clients love him.  He regularly attends our firm’s events and loves anyone willing to pet him. As a therapy dog, Duke has a special place in his heart for children and seniors. Duke is also an author and currently collaborates with K.P. Lynne writing and telling stories for kids of all ages.  Duke has a Facebook page where you can like and follow his story at Duke Sterk.  He also is on Instagram at Duke_Sterk.

Fun Facts About Duke

duke sterk


dogs at school are totally cool duke sterk

Duke the Wonder Dog is a little dog with a HUGE imagination and a heart of gold! Played to perfection by Duke Sterk, our adorable canine hero wonders what it would be like to help children at school! Duke tackles bullying, fire prevention, gang awareness, illiteracy, peanut allergies and even celebrates our friends with “different” abilities…all in one whirlwind adventure…as he sets out to prove “Dogs At School Are Totally Cool!”! Duke’s friends call him Duke the Wonder Dog because all this little pup needs to do is “wonder” to make big things start to happen! An irresistibly darling, lovable, huggable Goldendoodle, Duke Sterk writes all his own adventures by himself, with just a little bit of typing help from #1 author K.P. Lynne! Duke is a real-life certified therapy dog! When he isn’t writing best-sellers, Duke can be found wearing many hats (and costumes) for his day-job at Sterk Family Law in Orland Park, Illinois!