Forms For Your Free Illinois Family Law Consultation

To maximize your time during your free consultation, we require completion of the following forms: The “Statement of Client’s Rights and Responsibilities”, a review of the professional relationship between you, the client, and us, Sterk Family Law Group as your legal representation, in any family law matter; The “Divorce Information Sheet”, required only by clients seeking divorce (dissolution of marriage) services. Please note that the second form does require a good amount of information, so we recommend giving yourself enough time to properly complete this form and do the necessary research to complete the financial portions of this document.

Prepare For Your Consultation By Completing These Forms

Why Do I Need To Fill Out These Forms Now?

While we can give you a general idea of how we complete our legal process without this paperwork, we can do so much more with the right information. Every legal proceeding has a unique set of factors and information. By learning as much about you as possible, we can begin to foster our client-attorney relationship and develop a plan specifically for you.

These pre-consultation forms are a great way for us to maximize our time together during our initial consultation. These documents aid in creating a plan to best serve you and your interests. If you are worried that you may not be filling out the paperwork properly, you can always contact our professionals with any questions. Fill out these forms as best you can, and our family law team will work with you to get all of the necessary information.

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