Balancing Work-Life and Home-Life

November 2nd, 2020 by

The pandemic has many Americans now working from home.  While working from home has its pros and cons, how does […]

Processing Court Orders: Changing With The Times

October 30th, 2020 by

Navigating the winding road of the current court processes has certainly not been without hiccups and bumps in the road.  […]


October 26th, 2020 by

By Pastor Char Proper If you would have asked me 10 years ago where I’d be today my answer most […]

The Importance of Communicating with Your Legal Team

October 21st, 2020 by

If you are considering divorce, having disputes with your ex after divorce, dealing with parentage issues, or any other matter […]

Domestic Violence Awareness is more than just a month

October 19th, 2020 by

Domestic Violence Awareness is more than just a month. In October 1981, organizations and individuals across the United States of […]

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